Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Truth and Honesty

I want to bring the National Board up-to-date on Party growth and our mass activities.

Some people say I am a liar when I say our Party is growing. I want to tell you that you can trust me as much as you can trust President Obama. My word is as good as gold, too. I'm not real good with figures so some other time I will have someone provide the figures on membership. Numbers were never my strong point. I never set empty beer bottles up in front of me to count. To me, new members as far as numbers go are just like beer bottles. Each and every recruit is number 1.

I have received some little amount of criticism for promoting mass action by using the example of the Royal Wedding. What we want is people in the streets, do we not? Well, the Royal Wedding provides us a good example of how to bring people out into the streets as we wait for celebrations of Barack Obama being re-elected; the second term is going to be one big mass mobilization. We Communists will be right there celebrating the accomplishments of Obama's first term. The celebrations are going to be huge. Everyone is tickled pink with Obama's wonderful new world.

We are preparing plans for a national fundraising drive. We are calling it "Project Geronimo." We have reserved space at the World Trade Center site for the Fourth of July.

Its been one hell-uv-a-week full of mass mobilizations. First we get the Royal Wedding; then we get Osama bin Laden which brought out hundreds of people at the White House. We promised to mobilize the people. Let's take a little time off to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.

Our campaign for incremental reforms is moving along very nicely. No one can tell we are leading the way to socialism.

Sam Webb
Chair, National Board
Communist Party USA

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