Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New allies in old enemies

I want to thank the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party for standing up for me and my new thinking.

Louis Proyect is providing very insightful leadership to the new left. Right on Louis!

Thanks to our friend Mark Lause too.

I knew we would eventually begin building new alliances and coalitions.

I'm glad we have taken on Trotskyists like Joel Wendland.

Is CP spawning LaRouche like spin-off?

I was recently startled to see a sophomoric sectarian redbaiting rant on FB
against Carl Davidson railing against him for being being a stooge of
imperialism because of his alleged adoption of that "imperialist ideology",
pragmatism. I was even more startled when I learned that this rant came not from
a Healyite sectarian but from an ostensible member of the CPUSA. Davidson
informs us they are from a "mini-faction" of the CP. Nonetheless they seem like
provacateurs headed down the road of NCLC. Below is a link to the FB page
referenced above together with a link to a faux CP page they have put up which
just reeks of paper overed Glen Beck.\

Re: [swp_usa] Is CP spawning LaRouche like spin-off?

Nothing works for everyone. But, admittedly, there is a lot of dross and trivia
mixed in with useful material. And Louis is absolutely correct about the format
being one in which a serious debate cannot flower. On the other hand, it is a
very good place to find out where the debates are and to track down those that
seem worthwhile. I would never recommend it as anyone's sole discussion forum or
place to lurk.


--- In, Louis Proyect wrote:

Most of these Trotskyists are members of our Special Agents' Club.

Me and Louis Proyect have shared Special Agent status for years.

Once we get the LaRouchies on board with us we will be all set.

Sam Webb
Chair, National Board CPUSA

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