Friday, February 25, 2011

Will you help me form the Barack Obama, Richard Trumka, Leo Gerard Adulation Society?

Do you adore Barack Obama, Richard Trumka and Leo Gerard as much as I do?

I and the National Board of the Communist Party USA recognize Barack Obama as the heroic and great leader of the democratic people's front leading the American people to a new era of progressivism where we all will rise with the expanding fortunes of Wall Street.

Richard Trumka and Leo Gerard have covered our great leader's back faithfully and diligently in a way that has earned them our adoration.

As you are aware, in our efforts to scale back our activities, we have rented out our Henry Winston Auditorium and we would like to rename this room the "Barack Obama People's Room for Hope and Change."

We need funds for two new unisex restrooms which will be named "The Richard Trumka Room of Non-Struggle" and the "Leo Gerard Reading Room."

I am asking each and everyone of our many working class contributors to open their wallets to help us meet our very modest goals for our new remodeling and building efforts. I am no accountant but I estimate the costs will be around $3,000,000.00.

All contributions over $50,000.00 will be accepted and much larger contributions will not be turned away.

Special Agent Sam Webb,
National Chair, CPUSA
Coordinator of the Special Projects Unit for the CPUSA

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