Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where are our censors?

Somehow this got posted to our PW website today after I ordered all comments and postings from this individual to be banned:


  • Sam Webb is a hypocrite of the worst kind. First he sets up a false scenario to prove he is a Communist leader as he refuses to engage in the very struggle he claims needs to be undertaken: working inside the Democratic Party.

    Webb has "elevated" the class struggle to simply voting for Democrats without fully participating in the Democratic Party.

    When was the last time Sam Webb suggested specific resolutions to be discussed and debated at Democratic Party precinct caucuses, county conventions, nominating conventions, state conventions or national conventions.

    In fact, when was the last time Sam Webb even suggested that Communists get involved in the Democratic Party and participate at the very grassroots level?

    Is Webb himself involved in any way in the Democratic Party other than sitting in his glass offices trying to imagine what is beyond the brick walls that he peers upon from his office?

    Webb, as an excuse for his own inaction, creates these responses to imaginary situations because he doesn't know about participation in the Democratic Party from his own personal experiences nor has he ever participated in any way in the Democratic Party; if he had this kind of personal experience he would be able to discuss how we should try to advance the needs of working people through the Democratic Party.

    Webb now "elevates" the participation of working people in the Democratic Party--- not to how working people should participate in the Democratic Party to advance a progressive agenda aimed at bringing forward real solutions to the problems the working class and working people are experiencing--- but to simply relegating the participation of workers to voting for Democratic candidates who, for the most part--- because of lack of Communist participation--- do not have to even respond to the problems working people are experiencing.

    What is the obstacle to Sam Webb personally spending time involved in the Democratic Party? What is the obstacle to Webb writing about his experiences in the Democratic Party? If Webb is going to make the case--- a case completely justifiable and correct in my opinion--- that Communists need to be involved in the Democratic Party then he has some responsibility to be involved in the Democratic Party himself... and, he is obviously not involved in any way in the Democratic Party.

    Webb's ignorance of the real nature of the Democratic Party--- beyond just saying it is a corporate dominated party--- shines right through in everything he writes.

    It is bad enough that Webb sees the main form of working class involvement as simply going to the polls on Election Day to cast one's ballot for Democrats; the real problem is that Webb doesn't even encourage working people to struggle inside the Democratic Party to advance the interests of working people.

    Of course, Webb then proceeds to advocate for some kind of alternative to the Democrats; but, here again, Webb has no "hands on" experience.

    The question which really needs to be asked is, "In what areas of struggle does Sam Webb have any experience" which would provide him with any credibility to write about anything other then telling us about his views on basketball and and how to organize college beer bashes?

If this ever happens again, heads are going to role.

Yes, Bruce, what is it?

Sam, I'm sorry this got through. I was in for my monthly electro-shock treatment.

Ok, Bruce; thank you for the explanation.

Everyone back to your desks.

Scottie, could you clean those dirty bricks on the wall and put that "Wonderful World of Barack Obama" painting back where I can see it?

Sam Webb
National Chair, CPUSA

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