Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Minnesota Problem- the counter measures we are taking

As you know we have not been able to shake off the Minnesota Problem.

I met with my brightest counter-intelligence agents--- Bruce Bostick, Dan Margolis, Erwin Marquit and Gary Hicks.

You will be glad to know that each of these very capable comrades has begun a campaign directed at certain individuals on MySpace and FaceBook as well as to e-mail lists.

They are sending messages behind the cloak of anonymity and pseudonyms to their MySpace and FaceBook friends. Anything to suggest they are perverted and deviants.

This worked quite well for us during the COINTELPRO operations; it should work even better using these hi-tech methods now.

This operation will be code-named: Hang 'em in Duluth.

Sam Webb
Chair, National Board, CPUSA

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