Thursday, May 20, 2010

CPUSA National Convention Delegates: Welcome to the Big Apple

I want to extend a hearty welcome to all 150 delegates pouring into New York City to attend our National Convention.

Tens of thousands more will be viewing those portions of the convention we deem appropriate via the Internet.

Here is what a typical convention delegate looks like:

Notice the Obama hat this labor leader so proudly wears... no Marx or Lenin buttons pinned to it.

Facial hair is groomed fully unlike Karl Marx.

We must take pride in being the chosen and specially selected participants to the CPUSA National Convention while walking the streets of New York City or engaged in vigorous and lively debate or just getting drunk and weird.

All anti-depressant drugs and Viagra have been banned from the premises. Bruce Bostick and Peter Molenaar be forewarned.

Sam Webb
Chair, National Board, CPUSA

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