Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Accolades from around the world

I am pleased to announce that I am getting accolades from around the world from the most important, and the only important, Marxist leaders from around the world.

Bruce Bostick is still suffering post-convention depression syndrome as he is fatigued from ferreting out the Stalinist agents still among us and the nay-sayers.

Let me just say that there are rumors abounding on the Internet that we have censored some things.

It is true the KKE statement was shortened down a bit before being read to convention goers but the intent was to edit for brevity and not to exclude pertinent content.

The KKE statement was deleted as posted by some loony leftist from the PW web site but not as a result of my orders. My orders were to edit for brevity and clarity. Those dam Greeks just aren't very clear in what they say so I asked Erwin Marquit to make the KKE more understandable for our very special American audience. What happened is Erin experienced a bout of "Fat Fingers." There was no relapse into revisionism. After all, we all loved Gus.

Some people are complaining they don't know fully what went on at our convention. Here all everyone really needs to know:

1. I delivered the main report which continues to draw widespread accolades from across the globe.

2. I drank a lot of beer and got drunk and then I told better jokes.

I don't understand why people refused to show up for the convention and now complain they don't know what went on.

We had a completely open convention having invited everyone to come on out for all the fun.

I don't understand the low turn-out. Usually free beer brings a full crowd.

Still wondering if our name is the same? Keep wondering. We will inform the world in due time.

Sam Webb
Chair, National Board, CPUSA

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