Friday, March 26, 2010

Important alert

As we approach the National Convention we see the need to step up ideological security.

We are re-issuing this important statement since we have not been able to bring the Minnesota Problem under control:

All Points Bulletin

Action Alert...Action Alert...Action Alert...Action Alert...Action Alert

Calling all 234 CPUSA members to action.

CPUSA Statement

Issues concerning recent emails/statements by Alan Maki

The Communist Party, USA is taking the unusual step of issuing this statement because of a barrage of recent emails and public statements by Alan Maki. Many have received emails from Alan Maki attacking a broad range of progressive activists. In many he represents himself as a member of the Communist Party, USA.

Alan Maki is not a member of nor does he reflect the views of the Communist Party, USA. He was dropped from membership three years ago because of his attacks on progressives. He continues to target elected officials, union leaders, and other leaders in the broader mass movements for social change.

The Communist Party believes the only path to social and economic justice is through the struggle for unity. We are deeply involved in efforts to organize the broadest possible coalitions against the Bush administration and its policies. The policies of the Communist Party have long been premised on working to unite all who struggle for democracy, peace and justice.

We need to be aware that this person continues to promote mistrust in our leader, President Barack Obama, jeopardizing our efforts for a progressive capitalist led movement that will carry us into the future.

I have proposed special methods be undertaken to root out the last vestiges of Marxism-Leninism in our Party.

Sam Webb

Chair, National Board, CPUSA

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