Monday, February 1, 2010

Obama took his first directive from Tom Hayden

I think this says it all.

We need to wait until Obama moves and then we will join in with him.

We don't want to start before everyone else is ready to move. Lets let OFA go first.

Besides if we are getting involved with Obama's movements no one will know if we are involved or not.

This works out good for us because we don't have to do very much. If things don't pan out we can tell everyone what they should have done.

If we get criticized for not doing anything we can say we tried to push Obama along the right path.

This is a win-win situation for the Obama Presidency and for us.

Obama did what Tom Hayden advised him to do. Tom Hayden carries a lot of clout with the Obama Administration. We want to hitch our cart to his horse.

Sue is correct in her assessment.

Now we just have to wait and hope.

Given time I think we are going to be seeing big changes. Seeing sea changes.

With Obama leading the democratic peoples movement for change we are going to see some real action. This is a President of and for the people. Obama will be with us when it comes time to take to the streets. For now we want to remain low key.

Sue, if you hear any more news from Tom Hayden let us know. Have the Progressives Rising added you to their list yet. Your name on that list of progressives for Obama is our way to finesse our way into this whole shebang without putting our name on the marquee.

Let's circulate this e-mail on the sly so we don't raise any alarms.

We want people to know that Obama is taking his direction from Tom Hayden. He is a very impressive tactician and strategist. Look what he has done for the left in the last forty years. He got us to the point where we have our man in the White House. The left is finally in a position of power.

Imagine. Just imagine if we had an entire House and Senate filled with Obama clones. Just imagine. John Lenin is with us. Oh God; thank you oh lord. We have made it. We are home. Our work here on earth is done. Its a new day.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Barack Hussein Obama.

Come on, all of you stand and take a bow. Give yourself much deserved applause.

Tom Hayden and Organizing for America can take it from here.

Its time for another vacation for me.

Sue, you mind the store until we get back.

--- On Thu, 1/28/10, Susan Webb wrote:

From: Susan Webb
Subject: [progressivesforobama] Re:Tom Hayden: What Obama Must Do -- And Cannot
Date: Thursday, January 28, 2010, 5:11 PM

Seems to me he did pretty much what Hayden recommended. The key thing is, will Obama's folks prioritize activating and building Organizing for America for real now, and will we all get involved in that and also support/get involved/build on the labor movement's grassroots organizing, its grassroots coalition organizing via Jobs for America Now, etc.

Sue Webb

Sue, baby, do you think by the time we get back you can have our name changed? The "C.P." keeps giving us trouble. What do you think about dropping the C.P.? We could just call ourselves the U.S.A. Maybe be creative and try to use some colors like red, white and blue. We are slipping that new logo in little by little getting rid of that damn hammer and sickle. Everyone likes the half circle and the star. If we get challenged we can say the half circle is what is left of the sickle. Maybe just put U.S.A. inside the star.

Thanks for the nice turn out for the National Board meeting. First time we have had four people to a meeting in a long time.

Kamran Heis and Kamran Heis, Junior thanks for joining us here today. You bys know how to get a job done. Our new web site is as silent as can be. Let's try and keep it that way.

Bruce Bostick is still in Bellevue. We should send him a get well card.

They had to turn up the juice and give him more shock treatment to get those agents out of his head. They scratched the hell out of his left ear. I don't know where Bruce picked up those agents. Someplace along the way in his travels. He has that big sign on his truck he sticks out like a sore thumb. Then he gets to rubbing his chin, twitching his eyes, poking his nose then scratching his balls and picking his butt. He could have picked up agents anyplace along the way. They will give him another jolt tomorrow up their in Bellevue.

Yes, Jarvis?

Sam, is where is Bruce Bostick? Is Bellevue a racetrack where the jockeys use some kind of electric prods?

No Jarvis, Bellevue is a special place where they put people who are pre-occupied with agents.

Ok, let's head out for a coffee. How does that sound?

Yes Jarvis?

Sam, are we going to send Bruce Bostick a new Party card or wait until we get the name changed and finalized because that might help Bruce out of his depression.

Sue, you want to tidy the place up a little while we are out? We never know when the big guy might drop by. He dropped in on the Republicans we could be next.

Sam Webb
National Chair, CPUSA


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