Thursday, May 7, 2009

My answers to comments and questions

I have received 5 comments from my excellent article "Obama, reform and the role of the left."

Best article I ever wrote.

mulligas 5 days ago
I fail to see the point of this article. It just says that Obama is better then Bush.

My answer: Don't you agree Obama is better than Bush?

jjack 5 days ago
I think the point is, or at least the point that I got out of it, is that communists should take advantage of the opportunities that have presented themselves to us rather than sitting around complaining that Obama doesn't wave his magic wand and build communism for us.

Excellent point. Now get out there and help us with fund-raising our main political activity.

halgol60 5 days ago
This is interesting: The article says

"there are political groupings of considerable influence in the administration and the Democratic Party who, while supporting Obama, will use their influence to cut down on the sweep and anti-corporate character of his initiatives."

Ummm ... how did those "political groupings" gain "considerable influence" in Obama's administration -- didn't he select members of the cabinet himself, with the approval of the now Democratically-controlled Congress? And if we are not referring to cabinet members, why don't those cabinet members get their respective "political groupings" in line with Obama's goals?

And exactly how can they "use their influence to cut down on the sweep and anti-corporate character of his initiatives" while allegedly supporting him? That statement makes no sense to me at all. Do I misunderstand the meaning of "supporting" the president's platform?

You make too much of little details. Leave analyzing to me.

Carl Davidson 5 days ago
I basically agree with this, save for a few nuances.

The left has a role as an active and militant minority, even as a large minority, on some issues. Getting out of Afghanistan is one. It has an educational role in helping minorities around a just cause become solid majorities.

I also have a problem with 'anti-corporate.' I prefer to segment the business world along the 'high road, low road' lines that are gaining wider use. One reason is that the 'more advanced' structural reforms you mention can and will likely include high-road allies that are incorporated, even major ones. Low-road financial capital is the heart of the immediate problem.

But you're right to target the far right and their unreconstructed neoliberal allies, while keeping clarity on our current alliance with Obama and other center-left forces to isolate and defeat the right.

Carl, always good to hear from you. Let's not be so quick to distance ourselves from the "low roaders." We need all the capitalists we can get to work in alliance with us.

Biresh 5 days ago
Sir I am from India. I sympathise with american socialism for obvoius reasons- USA is the most influential nation of the world. I feel that the issue of getting US troops out of Afganistan is not good for Internation socialism. Pakistan is now in dager of being grabbed by islamist forces with its nuclear weapons. This is terrible. The Reagan administration pumped billion of dollars of military aid to these very islamist forces to defeat the Sovites. When Soviet Union got disintegrated the same Reagan adm then ignored Afganistan to such an extent that today this region threatens the worls. American troops have till now preserved the stability of this region. Socialists in India, a nation closer to Afganistan also dont deny this. Your comment to involve the business classes to the road of socialist construction is commendable.

Glad to see there are a few sensible voices in India agreeing with me. You are on the ball.

Jean Clelland-Morin 5 days ago
Wow! I have posted "inappropriate comments" using sexist, racist etc. I was talking about my better-dead-than-red family who failed to indocrinate me. I am surprised that my ideas would be called "offensive" and would be censured - especially by a group that is censured in this country. Jean Clelland-Morin / 321 Sadie / San Antonio, TX 78210 / (210) 532-0165 /

For Christ's sake. Who let this crap through the door. Wining about censorship.

This has been fun. I look forward to sensible comments.

Sam Webb
National Chair, CPUSA

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