Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Erica Smiley attends John Birch Society 50th Anniversary Dinner and brings back the prize


I have good news to report. We have lost some coalition partners. Not to worry. We have picked up a new coalition partner.

Many of you have listened to the interview of our brilliant and beloved Erica Smiley on the Florida ABC affiliate talk show welcoming our work with the John Birch Society in defending the Constitution.

This bold initiative in seeking out new coalition partners has paid off handsomely. Better than some of our other pay-days.

Erica Smiley is one of our bright young comrades with a bright future in our new CPUSA. She is delightful. Erica is brilliant. She is bold. I mean Erica is B-O-L-D. Who else would have ever thought we could work with the John Birch Society?

I am happy to report that we have picked up a new coalition partner.

Erica Smiley is now our new liaison with the John Birch Society.

Let's give Erica a big round of applause.

We are now working with a very broad political spectrum ranging from Barack Obama to the John Birch Society.

This is not an odd alliance. George Wallace was a Democrat. Democrats are our coalition partners.

We are in the mix with our new ideas and new friends.

In the future we have plans to meet with Cliff Kincaid and the Mellon family as we reach out from our new offices for new friends. We want to discuss leasing space to Accuracy In Media.

All it took was a bold initiative on Erica Smiley's part to reach out to the John Birch Society on an ABC talk show and we have made powerful new friends.

We will see what we can do about getting the John Birch Society to acknowledge the existence that the Constitution of the United States of America has a Bill of Rights beyond the 2nd Amendment and we will work to convince the John Birch Society to tone down its anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric.

Already our initiative has paid off.

Look at the Tea Party movement. You don't see any white sheets. We have convinced them to leave their white sheets at home on the bed where they belong. This saves us all embarrassment, and it saves the washer-women a little work trying to get the white sheets clean.

Our membership may be dwindling but we are slowly but surely picking up new coalition partners.

We should be planning to hold our own 90th Anniversary Dinner in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Jarvis, do you want to put on your Russian fur hat you wore in Red Square and check to see if they have a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Appleton where we can hold our 90th Anniversary Dinner? Why don't you find out if Ron Paul would like to speak, too. If Ron isn't free maybe check and see if Rand Paul is free. I like his gestures suggesting he is for an alliance of everyone from the John Birch Society to the Greens and the left. That sounds so nice.

Over the next few months we will be seeing the Young Americans for Freedom and the Young Communist League working with-in the Constitutional framework to ban books and magazines in public libraries and in schools. Our aim will be to put the Ten Commandments in every classroom in America.

Sam Webb
National Chair, CPUSA

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