Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is he or isn't he?

There is apparently no end to this question concerning President Obama.

We have now been getting calls from the Associated Press and Reuters News Service not to mention the New York Times.

They insist on knowing if President Obama is a member of our National Board.

Again, our answer is the same as yesterday regarding President Obama's membership in our Party:

We do not provide an answer to this outrageous question.

Who is or is not a member of our National Board we do not disclose to anyone. Even our general membership does not know who all the members of our National Board are.

This is a security matter and a question of pragmatism.

Pragmatism has become since the year two-thousand our guiding philosophy and ideological world view. We mix in a little Marxism, a little dab of democracy, some smatterings of Buddhism and a few words of wisdom gleaned from many philosophers both living and dead.

Dead philosophers are our favorites because they can't change their minds about things.

Suffice it to say we have revised the old philosophy of Marxism by infusing it with pragmatism.

President Obama has helped our theoretical development along by teaching us that the Keynesian outlook updates Marxism by infusing it with pragmatism.

John Maynard Keynes was not only brilliant in the area of economics but his personal life and his life-style was a forerunner of everything to come in our modern world.

21st Century Keynesianism replaces old, doctrinaire, dogmatic Marxism with a brilliant science of life and living and a socialism completely unfettered and without any ties to the Twentieth Century.

President Obama brings into the White House and the Oval Office pragmatic new ideas for a new century for new times.

We share a common outlook with our new President and our longtime friend.

Let them keep guessing if we have ever shared office space or phone service.

Sam Webb
National Chair,
2009 March 25

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