Monday, March 2, 2009

Danger from the right

A number of right-wing extremists organizations have begun an attack on our Party because of our close association with Barack Obama.

This presents a danger to democracy.

We intend to request Attorney General Holder looks into our concerns.

The most recent attacks on our Party come at a time we are working for nationalization of the banks. We want the nationalization to proceed smoothly.

The attacks on the Communist Party, USA are completely unfounded.

Our position is unshakable.

The following right-wing blogs pose a threat to our Party and a threat to democracy. We will request an injunction to have them shut down:



Gribbit's Word

These attacks on our Party must be brought to an end. The right-wing was defeated. Obama was elected.

We cannot fight on two fronts. Our primary concern must continue to be the Minnesota Problem.

We must be aware of Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh is a major problem for the country. We should consider calling for boycotts of his sponsors.

For the time being we should continue to downplay Frank Marshall Davis. Further into the Obama Administration we will begin selling books by Frank Marshall Davis. We need to go slow.

We expected the danger from the right to subside with the election of Barack Obama. Perhaps we over estimated Obama's potential.

I will write to Rush Limbaugh to see if he will allow us to present our views on his program. He should be open to this suggestion. Rush appears to be highly intelligent.

Sam Webb, for the National Board, CPUSA

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