Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Carl Davidson is wrong

"You don't mention the wars, Sam. That's the 'elephant in the Dems room,' so to speak. It's going to be very difficult to mobilize for a candidate for more wars and a little less austerity. That's the huge wedge driven into the progressive forces, especially among the young, and it wasn't put there by us. Few want to stay home, especially where they can elect an antiwar Member of Congress. But unless something changes, they don't have anyone antiwar at the top of the ticket."

Posted by Carl Davidson, 04/23/2011

I did mention the wars. I did mention the wars very delicately so as not to offend the President.

Here is what I wrote:

"When the broader movement takes part in the battle of ideas, people respond positively. Some of the ideas that already resonate with millions include: tax the rich, racism chains working people of all colors, economic crises hit racially and nationally oppressed people harder, wealth comes from labor and nature, working people have no stake in wars of occupation, and the country is not broke."

We should be more careful who we give our awards to.

Here is a candidate at the top of the ticket for peace right here. Look. President Obama is speaking at a peace demonstration. What better peace candidate could we have? This is Barack Obama on the "Progressives for Obama" website. Doesn't Davidson read the website he created?

Sam Webb
National Chair, CPUSA

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