Monday, August 16, 2010

More on our beautiful country

I am receiving some flack about my trip.

I am being asked why I never stopped in and met with workers at the sugar beet refineries of American Crystal Sugar to see how they liked their pay and working conditions.

In fact, we have a member of our National Committee, Mark Froemke, who is a big shot in the Grain Millers union and the AFL-CIO who sees to it that these workers get a nice hefty 3% raise every few years. For the big money these people make a little bad air isn't going to hurt them.

I don't like breathing the air in these refineries. I would just as soon ride down the highway with my air conditioner on.

All this talk about working conditions comes from ultra-leftists and I have previously explained I don't think their questions are worth answering.

I think it is important we look for what is good in our country so we don't have to protest so much while Obama is our President. Barack will take care of all of us. Let's not sweat the little problems like working conditions when we have a major problem in front of us like how we are going to re-elect the Democrats.

Let's pray for clear blue skies and clean air.

Sam Webb
National Chair, CPUSA

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