Thursday, December 3, 2009

Amy Dean, co-author 'A New New Deal,'

I want to remind everyone on the National Board to pick up their free plane tickets to Chicago.

Amy Dean is a dynamic speaker full of new ideas.

I understand some controversy has been raised surrounding her association with the Century Foundation. I don't know why because we are looking to becoming a partnering organization with the Century Foundation as soon as we change our name and get rid of the hammer and sickle.

Yes Jarvis, what is it?

No, we are not yet a full partner with the Century Foundation. We get a few bucks here and there from them. They are helping us find a suitable new name and new logo.

Yes, Bruce?

No, no; I'm sure Amy Dean isn't an agent. Just an agent of change.

Yes, Judith?

No, no; you aren't on the Century Foundation payroll quite yet. Well, maybe partially; I'm not that good with book keeping.

Free airline tickets round-trip for everyone. Free admission. Let's not be accused of never bringing a crowd. Bring me your bar tabs, too.

Yes, Jarvis?

Ok, hold on to all your hotel, transportation and meal receipts we will reimburse you all.

Yes, Scottie?

No, no; you won't be sent back into Minnesota for awhile that's worse than Afghanistan. Beautiful scenery but we haven't been encountering Minnesota nice.

Oh, before I forget... we have a collection jar near the elevator... I see over the last few weeks it has taken in about $23.00... let me just remind you the funds collected will be used to publish our Introduction to Marxist Economics. The Lonesome Dove is writing the book... oh, I mean the Lonesome Hobo. This will be a companion piece to Danny Rubin's fine book, "Can Capitalism Last?"

Enjoy your first class flights to the Windy City.

Sam Webb
Chair, National Board CPUSA

Chicago: People's World/Mundo Popular 22nd Annual Banquet, "Unity in action for a People's Economic Recovery"
December 6 2009 13:00 - December 6 2009 17:00

Keynote speaker Amy Dean, co-author 'A New New Deal,' & former pres. South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council.

Honoring South Austin Coalition, Illinois Campaign for Better Health Care, Carmen Cohen (Healthcare Employees Acting at Resurrection Together HEART/AFSCME), AFT Chicago ACTS (Alliance of Charter Teachers & Staff)

1 p.m. author signing, silent auction, cash bar

2 p.m. dinner & program

Cultural performances

At Parthenon Restaurant, 314 S Halsted St., tickets $40 in advance, $50 at the door.

For more info & tickets:


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