Sunday, June 7, 2009

Can Capitalism Last? by Daniel Rubin

I want to urge everyone to purchase a copy of Comrade Danny Rubin's excellent book.

If our Party acts responsibly capitalism can last for a good long time yet.

We need capitalism to last for a good long time because I have stated socialism is not on the agenda.

We need to be careful to only offer superficial critiques of the capitalist system and not bring forward any solutions that would put the United States on the road to socialism too quickly because I have stated that socialism should be a very slow process with lots of small changes along the road to socialism before we get there.

We are now for incremental changes not big revolutionary upheavals.

I want everyone to study up on Comrade Rubin's book because we are the only Communist Party in the world advancing this revisionist thinking after such deep study.

This book is not meant as a critique of anything President Obama is doing. If need be, Danny will write another book about Obamanomics in eight years. This way we don't meddle in the affairs of state or offend the high road capitalists who have befriended us.

Danny wanted this to be a book that would not scare or intimidate the good capitalists.

He wanted to distance himself and our Party from Stalin.

Danny's book is getting rave reviews by some of the world's great pragmatists.

We are considering book signing parties with Danny at many corporate headquarters since much of our material is being rejected at the plant gates.

For a while there we thought we had lost Danny to the Committees of Correspondence but we shifted policy to get him back because revisionism needs his keen mind and brilliant insight. We need to overcome the legacy of Stalin, William Z. Foster, Henry Winston and Gus Hall. Getting rid of their books and any literature that smacks of 20th Century Socialism wasn't enough. We have to have books to put into the hands of people to read so it seems like the nightmare of 20th Century Socialism never existed.

The next time Glenn Beck asks me about Stalin I will be handing him Danny's book to read.

Sam Webb
National Chair, CPUSA

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