Saturday, April 25, 2009

Compromise, compromise, compromise

In my opinion there is no more important word in the English language than "compromise."

This letter to the editor appeared in our own newspaper the People's Weekly World.

The letter was written by our own Rosalio Muñoz.

I want to point out Rosalio's use of the word "compromise."

We need to get used to using this word "compromise" more to let our adversaries know that we don't mean to get tough and fight over our demands.

To let our adversaries know that we will settle for considerably less than what we say we want can help solve all kinds of problems without a fight.

Immigrant and worker rights

I have disagreed with much of what Ray Marshall did and said as Carter’s secretary of labor, starting from when he was nominated for the post and said moving forward on full employment (the Humphrey-Hawkins bill) had to be put off until the problem of undocumented immigrants was solved. It seems he has improved a bit — like his call for improving temporary worker programs rather than expand them.

I say we should nationalize the economic activities where temporary workers are “needed,” with a unionized 21st century WPA. The “adjusted” undocumented here now could be part of such programs with “middle class” jobs, health care, vacations, etc.

Anyway, let’s study what he has to say for “sausage” ideas for a possible compromise package that can get the needed votes.

A May Day idea: The original May Day was a call for solidarity with U.S. workers facing the corporate robber barons who brought us state monopoly capitalism. Such international solidarity can help pass just immigration reform, the Employee Free Choice Act and other labor and democratic rights, especially with the progressive possibilities with the Obama administration and improved Congress.

We face the biggest and strongest ruling class in world history. Equality for immigrants and others at home is key to blocking and eventually dismantling U.S. imperialism.

Rosalio Muñoz

Los Angeles CA

We expect that with President Barack Obama imperialism is going to be dismantled without a shot being fired if we stick to "compromise" as our strategy for change.

We and our adversaries can each claim victory if we compromise. This keeps everyone happy; workers and bosses alike.

All we used to hear from those 20th Century Communists was "fight, fight, fight." To them everything was fights and struggles.

Fight imperialism. Struggle against our class enemies.

Now we have found our shining path and our course of action through "compromise."

Everyone back to your desks in your glass offices. Write me a five hundred page essay on "Why Compromise is the new way forward."

Sam Webb
National Chair, CPUSA

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